Class Domains Available for a Limited Time

Please Read Fully for Instructions

AcadEmail has decided to curtail the email program and is divesting the majority of its Academy Class domain portfolio and giving Class officers and graduates the first chance for ownership. First come first served. Those domains that remain will go to auction to the general public within the next month or so. AcadEmail built a large portfolio of USMA, USNA and USAFA class domains in the format, “” as part of a graduate email program initiative that would have provided email accounts to grads such as; Those domains are now available for sale.

Hosting Decision: You are purchasing the domain name represented by the product title. During the process, you need to determine how you want that domain to be hosted. You have two choices:

  1. Transfer now. In this case you have your own hosting account already established. We will unlock the domain and send you the transfer code at the email you provide in your purchase. The domain will now be yours to take. Note: The purchase of the domain is the “Start-up fee” in the product pricing.  
  2. Park here. Parking the domain allows you to own the domain name and leave it where it is. You don’t need to do anything else. The one-year parking fee is $20, which you will be charged annually until you transfer it away. You can transfer it to your own hosting service, like A2 Hosting any time you like. Your new Hosting company will charge you for one year of hosting. Setting up a hosting account is low-cost and you can get one with A2 Hosting by following this link. A2 Hosting Account Setup

Final Note: You will not be placed on a mailing list, however, there may be one or two legacy autoresponder emails tied to your purchase that talk about the email program. Please disregard. 

Availability: Search to see if your Class Domain is still available. Simply put in the last two digits of your graduation year. If the product says, “out of stock” or you are unable to select it for purchase, it is no longer available.